Friday, June 5, 2009

Shane Mosley's Sales Pitch

By James Dayap

The other boxer wont fight you on your terms? I will! He wont take a smaller purse? I'd take it any day! I'll even throw in a meet at a catchweight of 143-144lbs! If you order now while this commercial is still going, I'll even throw in a definite rematch clause into our contract, free of charge. Call 1-800-FIGHT SHANE !

It's almost to the point of a payed advertisement on a cable channel at 4:00am.

Sugar Shane Mosley keeps making offers that are tough to refuse. While any fight with Manny Pacquiao will draw millions of dollars in, Shane is willing to take smaller purses, make lower weights, and even... offer a rematch in the case of an upset against the Filipino superstar.

But why is Mosley desperately trying to hard to get a match with Pacquiao? Aside from being the best welterweight at this time and at his age, Sugar Shane has accumilated a good fortune over his many years of boxing, and also has a strong position working for Golden Boy.

As much as Mosley respects Pacquiao, and wants to prove himself against the Pacman, it would seem all of Mosley's true anamosity is going torwards Pretty Boy Floyd.

In a way, it is a sort of dare or taunt towards Mayweather. Mosley proves he can fight on anybody's terms, including the Pacman's, even giving him two chances in the case of an upset the first time. In the next few weeks, we may hear Mosley saying that Floyd is affraid of both Pacquiao and himself.

All in all, Mosley puts up a tough offer to refuse, and the only person in the way it seems, is Uncle Bob, who seems to rather have Top Rank fighters Miguel Cotto or Edwin Valero fight Manny. Having either of the two fighters take on the Pacman, would bring more profit to Top Rank, because revenues would not have to be split with Golden Boy. Shane, being a promotional property to Golden Boy, would make Uncle Bob have to work with Richard Schaefer and Oscar De La Hoya, spliting profits.

At this point in Manny's career, he would fight light heavyweight Antonio Tarver, or just about anybody his promoter puts in front of him. While Mosley seems to be using Pacquiao to call out Mayweather, he should be warned again, don't take the Pacman lightly. But, there should be nothing but respect for Mosley, making bold moves and taking big risks to reach his goals. Mayweather would be a lot more popular if had atleast half the attitude of Mosley, or 1/10th of Pacquiao's. Rock on Sugar Shane.

Another note, Oscar De La Hoya is barking his typical Pacquiao downplay trash talk again, but it's typical to backup someone signed under your promotional company. But also it's typical to trash talk someone who ended your career as a boxer, and had a legal battle with in 2005-2007. Manny don't hit hard? Good confidence ploy Oscar. Sorry to Ricky, but now you know first hand, Manny does hit hard.

JP out.

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