Thursday, August 20, 2009

What the Fans want to see!

By James Dayap

Two very anticipated megafights are on their way, Mayweather Vs. Marquez for September, and Pacquiao Vs. Cotto for November. By far, it's obvious that the Pacquiao fight is selling far more tickets than the Mayweather fight. Pacquiao is the higher draw now, and Mayweather must accept that. Many true boxing fans will buy both PPV fights, or actually see the fights live, but several people who aren't even boxing fans, will be watching the Pacquiao fight.

Watching the ups and downs of the world of boxing, I've seen fans leave and go. The irrigation of the heavyweight division left fight fans looking for something spectacular. Boxing is a sport, yes, but it also is a form of entertainment. As humans we are entertained by the physical and mental limits of the human body. My point is that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is not that entertaining of a boxer, and he tries to make up for that outside of the ring with his antics. Manny Pacquiao on the other hand is a very entertaining boxer, never a dull moment in the ring for him, and his actions outside of the ring are well payed attention too, making him the higher draw in boxing.

True boxing fans may find it boring to see the tactical war of Mayweather and Marquez. Two counterpunchers who spend time learning each other. There is no doubt there will be clashing, but that wont be until round 10 or so, when both fighters are unsure how far they are on the score cards. Marquez and Mayweather both operate well on the backpedal, so it will be a coin in the air who will apply pressure.

Pacquiao and Cotto will be an all our war. From the beginning, Pacquiao doesn't waste his time and will apply his gameplan. Pacquiao himself has become quite the ring tactician, a long with his strong ability to fight. Cotto will be one of the toughest opponents Pacquiao has ever faced, but is likely to get cut hard and early on.

Pacquiao Vs Cotto - Packed MGM Grand, high PPV sales.
Mayweather Vs Marquez - Quite a Few Empty Seats MGM Grand, Low PPV, Boycotted, other free streaming sources)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's On! Pacquiao Vs. Cotto and more....

By James Dayap

It's officially on, Manny Pacquiao will be facing Miguel Cotto for his WBO Welterweight belt at the catchweight of 145lbs. After a couple months of deliberating and Cotto's refusal to make this a title fight, both sides eventually found themselves happy with the deal, and pen to paper was met. Bob Arum worked his magic, and his in house deal of both fighters being under his stable is on it's way. The fight is dubbed "Firepower" in the wake of the destructive punching power possessed by both fighters.

In the shadow of this even, Mayweather Vs. Marquez is barely being talked about, as it seems like an event that isn't even pulling in much revenue ticket wise. It's really unfortunate that the Mayweather VS Pacquiao fight wasn't made this year, but I feel like Mayweather is using Marquez as a measuring stick. When I say that, I mean that if Mayweather can outbox Marquez, he thinks he can handle Pacquiao.

In other news, it seems Oscar De La Hoya is going to fight Shaq. Shaq is staring in a new ABC series named "Shaq Vs.", where he takes on the best of the best athletes in a variety of sports. I am assuming Shaq weights around 300 or less, with Oscar De La Hoya being only around 170-175 max for fight day possibly. With no weight limit in the air, we could only assume Oscar would come in weighing somewhere past middleweight range to bring more power up to challenge the freakishly large Shaq. For Shaq's own safety, it can be assumed he didn't challenge someone who was a heavyweight because their punches would be far more deadly than Oscar's(A super welterweight).

JP Out.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pacquiao,Cotto,Mosley and Bob Arum's Shinanegans

By James Dayap

What seemed to be a fight that would solidify quickly, is turning out to be a bigger mess than we imagined. Uncle Bob's intent on having an in house Top Rank only boxing match, has caused massive scrutiny. Where the ball should be in Pacquiao's court when it came to deciding terms for the Pacquiao/Cotto fight, it seems Cotto has taken the upper hand. Cotto has refused to put his belt on the line for a fight at 145lbs against the Philipino Superstar. Could it be he is afraid the 2 pounds will be his downfall? Miguel Cotto is also willing to lose his belt to the WBO over this fight, instead of losing it to Manny Pacquiao. What will happen next, Miguel might end up asking for a bigger share of the purse. Something tells me that Cotto's random running in with Oscar De La Hoya at a golf course has a little to do with this. While the two would not disclose what they spoke about, it's obvious that something is making Cotto act like this. His contract is almost over with Uncle Bob, and he senses Arum's urgency to please Cotto, all along with pleasing Pacquiao. Cotto is using his title as leverage, and the fight seems to be going in the following ways:

1. Pacquiao Moves up to 147 fully to challenge for the title.
2. Cotto wont budge on the title shot, losing his title, and still fighting Pacquiao.
3. Pacquiao drops the Cotto fight and takes Shane Mosley's challenge.
4. Out of Nowhere, the Marquez/Mayweather fight gets rearranged into Mayweather/Pacquiao.
5. Nothing happens this year anymore.

Shane Mosley's offer still stands and is a better deal for all the fighters, no matter who fights Pacquiao, it will be a mega fight. Mosley is willing to go down to 140lbs, take a smaller purse, and put his belt on the line. But of course, the rich only want to get richer, and it's all about Bob Arum's show. Uncle Bob needs to stop thinking about his pockets and consider what all the fans want, that can end up making more money anyways.

My advice to Manny Pacquiao -
If Cotto wont budge on the belts, ditch him, it's not worth it. If you want to move up to 147 fully, go for it, I don't really see a difference because Cotto will hydrate up to 160 either way from 145-147. Overall, I say take on Shane Mosley if things don't go right, he'd almost meet you at lightweight(135) if it came to it. I know you'll fight anybody

My advice to Miguel Cotto -
Ease up! You are demanding too much for possibly the biggest pay day of your life. Win or Lose, you will make a lot of money! A lot of people want to fight Pacquiao, you are lucky! Who cares if he's been whooping all his opponents, every fighter has a chance. Either your afraid, or De La Hoya whispered something strange into your ear. To go as far as tell everyone you would rather give up the belt than have it put on the line, is a show of how afraid you are of Pacquiao.

My advice to Shane Mosley-
Keep trying, because this Pacquiao/Cotto deal seems to get worse because everybody has demands and limits. You keep sweetening your deals, and somebody will eventually sink their teeth into it. I admire you completely for all the sacrifices you are willing to make. Right now, at this moment, I consider you a true warrior, and you have my utmost respect. I feel Bob Arum has disrespected you in undermining your prowess as a potential opponent for Manny Pacquiao.

My advice to Bob Arum -
Let the fans decide a bit, I know you are an "expert", but right now it just seems to be you are an expert at filling your pockets. Do things right and convince your fighters to negotiate before announcing things. To ease things over, get some pocket change out and maybe front all the sanctioning fees, that will win over some love from the public.

PS- Tell Manny to get rid of Michael Koncz, that guy creeps me out.