Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cotto Vs Pacquiao and Broken Ribs

By James P Dayap

Well...Cotto's performance against Clottey was nothing short of valiant. The Puerto Rican warrior weathered the storm against the fast hitting, yet strange Clottey. Thanks to the accidental headbutt, the fight tended to go into Clottey's favor, but Cotto found himself hitting with more damaging shots. Harold Letterman saw the fight being won by the first round knockown of Joshua Clottey.

Contrasting this fight to a Pacquiao fight, Cotto has good core movement, and can move his body well, but his punches come slowly. Clottey is much slower than the Pacman, but still he landed several clean shots on Cotto's chin. Manny Pacquiao is a high speed, high power opponent that just also added high boxing skills to his own game. Although the Philipino is a smaller man, I believe he can knock out Miguel Cotto.

Uncle Bob Arum seems to have been given the green light by the Pacman to make this fight happen.... and Floyd Mayweather's broken rib seems to have stalled the fight for next month. Has the absence from the ring for 20+ months caused Pretty Boy Floyd to become fragile?

Rumor has it, below average ticket sales have caused this next fight to be put on hold, if not canceled completely.

JP Out.

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