Thursday, June 4, 2009

Manny Pacquiao's Next Opponents and How He Will Beat them

By James P Dayap

In Pacquiao's game...Mosley is next....

Being the Pacman, like any person, is open to being beaten by opposition, but once he eats the big white dot, he can eat anything in his way, and all opposition gets sent back to the stables.

Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya, and an assortment of other boxers thought they could corner the Pacman before he eats his big white dot, unfortunately for them, Pacman keeps eating the big white dots, all the floating fruits, and even sends back the opponents without eating the big white dot. But enough with video game metaphors, the Pacman, Manny Pacquiao is on a crusade to conquer all challengers.

Here are how the mighty will fall:

1.Shane Mosley stands as the most likely next opponent for the Pacman. Like Ricky Hatton, Sugar Shane likes to bring the fight, but Mosley has more speed, power, and technical skills than the defeated Hitman. Mosley will go toe to toe with Pacquiao, but will start to falter into the 3rd round because of the blinding speed of Pacquiao. The Pacific Typhoon will take it's course in the 7th or 8th round by knockout or corner retirement. Don't get me wrong , I do not dismiss Mosley at all, but age is not on Mosley's side for this fight.

2. Miguel Cotto will bring it, and likely slightly overpower the Pacman in the first two rounds. Of course, Pacquiao will start landing hard shots on Miguel Cotto's chin. By round 4, Cotto will likely hit the canvas, very hard from a Pacquiao straight left. He will recover, but only get sent down again in the 5th. Cotto will join the rest of the people who found out Pacquiao has a lot more power than people think.

3. Edwin Valero - The knockout artist will try to pressure Pacquiao early and often, but this overrated fighter has never met anyone at Pacmans level. He will walk into a lot of shots, and this fight will end early. Realistically, this fight might be too dangerous for Valero, because he hasn't been hit in the ways Pacquiao can hit someone, and he has a pre-existing head injury that made it hard for him to get certified to fight.

4. Julio Ceasar Chavez Jr. - This super welterwieght prospect, son of the legendary Julio Ceasar Chavez, wants to fight Pacquiao. This fight has the least likeliness of materializing because of the vast difference in size, and Chavez's camp calling for a catchwieght of 150lbs. But if this does happen, I don't see this fight going on for long. It will be a 3-4 round boxing lesson for the young Chavez. Pacquiao will instantly outspeed and overpower the young man, and send him to the canvas.

5. Juan Manuel Marquez -A 3rd fight with his ultimate rival. The man who has given Pacquiao his best fights, stands a chance against Pacquiao. A major factor in Pacquiao's favor though, is that Pacquiao has vastly improved since his last fight with Marquez. The Pacman has equiped himself with dangerous weapons coming in the form of powerfull right hooks, and a surprisingly well thought out defensive plan. Pacquiao has learned to adapt and counter, which leads to Marquez getting his 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th final knockdown in his trilogy with the Pacman. The fight can go the distance, but I see in the late rounds, Marquez finally getting knocked out.

6. Floyd Mayweather Jr. - This fight will and should happen. If it doesn't, it would be due to Uncle Bob Arum and Pretty Boy Floyd's stubborness to cooperate. Floyd likely wont take a smaller purse, but due to rumors of his fight with Marquez on the 18th of July being postponed due to low ticket sales, he may...
I see Pacquiao bringing the action to Floyd early. Floyd will have a very hard time adapting to Pacquiao because the Pacman has a tendency to keep mixing his punches well. Pacquiao will land punches in bunches whenever he finds an opening. If Floyd somehow adapts, the fight will go the distance, but if he doesn't, it will end in round 6 by knockout.

7. Antonio Margarito- This large welterweight may come into play once his suspension is over. He will attempt to pressure Pacquiao early, and will keep walking into shots. With his tough chin, he may last into the late rounds, but I don't see him overpowering or even hitting Manny. Margarito's resilience to Pacman's punches will carry him until round 8 or 9, from there he will hit the canvas hard. I can see Freddie Roach watching for those handwrap cheats.

8. Timothy Bradley - Coming off his victory over Kendal Holt, the WBO Super Lightweight / Light Welterweight champion can give Pacquiao a good fight. Bradley has good speed, and a decent chin, he would pressure Pacquiao, but walk into shots constantly. Pacquiao's greatly developed right hook will be taking down Bradley, with a knockdown in the 3rd, and a knockout with a straight left in the 7th.

I might add more to this list later.

JP out.

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