Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pacman's Right Hook - The Ever Improving Pacquiao

By James P Dayap

When you haven't seen it before, you don't expect it. Strangely enough, Ricky Hatton saw the move on tape, but completely dismissed it, even going so far as to make fun of it. The first punch Pacquiao lands is a right hook, this stuns Hatton. Pacquiao starts landing the right hook hard, wobbling the Hitman each time. Two minutes into the first round of a two round fight, Hatton hit the canvas after absorbing a hard and well placed Pacquiao right hook. The Pacman landed his right hook with devastating accuracy, and ducked the left hook of the Hitman.

Ricky Hatton would get up to realize, he wasn't ready for that one.

Pacquiao's assistant coach, Michael Moorer, admitted in an interview after the fight, that Pacquiao would knockdown, if not knockout, Hatton with the right hook. Who would have known the move that Pacquiao rehearsed ever so often with coach Freddie Roach, would be the first one to knock down the Hitman.

Pacquiao would later continue to land his devastating right hook, but it would be his powerful weapon of choice, the straight left hand, which has been a staple to the diet of opponents of Pacquiao for the course of his career, that turned off the lights for poor Ricky Hatton.

What will Pacquiao improve on next?

JP out.

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