Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's On! Pacquiao Vs. Cotto and more....

By James Dayap

It's officially on, Manny Pacquiao will be facing Miguel Cotto for his WBO Welterweight belt at the catchweight of 145lbs. After a couple months of deliberating and Cotto's refusal to make this a title fight, both sides eventually found themselves happy with the deal, and pen to paper was met. Bob Arum worked his magic, and his in house deal of both fighters being under his stable is on it's way. The fight is dubbed "Firepower" in the wake of the destructive punching power possessed by both fighters.

In the shadow of this even, Mayweather Vs. Marquez is barely being talked about, as it seems like an event that isn't even pulling in much revenue ticket wise. It's really unfortunate that the Mayweather VS Pacquiao fight wasn't made this year, but I feel like Mayweather is using Marquez as a measuring stick. When I say that, I mean that if Mayweather can outbox Marquez, he thinks he can handle Pacquiao.

In other news, it seems Oscar De La Hoya is going to fight Shaq. Shaq is staring in a new ABC series named "Shaq Vs.", where he takes on the best of the best athletes in a variety of sports. I am assuming Shaq weights around 300 or less, with Oscar De La Hoya being only around 170-175 max for fight day possibly. With no weight limit in the air, we could only assume Oscar would come in weighing somewhere past middleweight range to bring more power up to challenge the freakishly large Shaq. For Shaq's own safety, it can be assumed he didn't challenge someone who was a heavyweight because their punches would be far more deadly than Oscar's(A super welterweight).

JP Out.

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