Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Cat Mango's Situation

By James Dayap

This may be a boxing blog, but I decided to post my cat's situation here as well.

126$ Raised so far! Thanks so much!

As most of you know, or maybe for the first time, Mango,my girlfriend and I's cat has been diagnosed with a severe heart disease.

Mango is now 2 and I am glad he got to turn 2 so far.

The vet costs have tallied up to almost $2000, which has severely effected Mika and I's budgets, but also in turn has helped saved Mango's life. On June 29th, 2009, Mango almost died and was rushed to the pet hospital, but made a quick recovery during the day after a procedure was done to remove fluid from his lung area. A recent call from a passionate vet that now works with Mango, has given me a possible hope that Mango can life a normal life. By increasing the Taurine level in his blood, and a new medication, he may live like a normal cat.

Unfortunately all the treatments still require money, and the costs of the upcoming treatments wont be as much as the first ones, but are digging deeper into the pockets of his caretakers. We are taking on the bigger parts of his coming health bills, but any donations help a lot!

If anybody has met Mango before, you know he is a high energy cat, who loves to be pet, loves to play, and loves being around people. He lives to entertain and have fun with people who visit and play with him.

I'm not one to ask or beg for money, nor should I be in the position to beg or ask, but Mango needs help to get better. If anybody can help at all, all proceeds will go straight to Mango's treatment. Any amount can help, 20$, 10$, 5$, even 1$ can help him for vitamins,medications, and even vet exams. The link below is a paypal donation link, it's secure and safe!

If anybody has any ideas for fund raising for Mango, please let me know!

If anything, please keep our cat Mango in your prayers...

Click Here to Donate to Mango's Health Fund
Click Here to Donate to Mango's Health Fund
Thank you!

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